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When Youngjae needs his keys, he would just call Daehyun and Daehyun would bring him the keys. Youngjae always ends up losing his keys that’s why Daehyun helps him to keep it. 

According to Jongup, he thinks that Himchan understands women’s feeling the most among BAP members.  

Himchan danced with his pants’ fly unzipped during a live performance. It matched with the dances moves so he had the chance to close it in a hurry. 

Zelo has a trouble waking up in the morning. 

Jongup said that he feels threatened by Himchan’s dancing skills lately 

Youngjae always brings a camera with him.  

If BAP won Bonsang (main award) during year-end awards, Daehyun would reply to Twitter mentions. 

Jongup wants to try living in America. 

According to Youngjae, Himchan is the loudest when they eat something. He would be saying, “I want to eat this, I want to eat that.”